Steering group

About Agroasis – Steering group

The Nordic School of Agroecology/Ecological is the result of increased networking among many scientists at the Nordic agricultural universities. However, the members of the steering group have the formal responsibility to represent their respective university. The tasks of the steering group are to organise meetings, maintain minutes of all meetings and communicate with members, represent the network to the NOVA Board and to individual universities, seek funding sources for programme activities and establish and maintain working agreements with other groups (Socrates, EU, etc.) The steering group consists of one representative from each country (Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland), the NOVA visiting professor of Agroecology and one student:

Associate Professor Geir Lieblein
Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB)
Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences
Agroecology Group, P.O. Box 5003, N-1432 Ås
Ph.: +47 64 96 56 44
Fax: +47 64 94 78 02
E-mail: [email protected]

Professor Juha Helenius
University of Helsinki (HU)
Department of Applied Biology, Agroecology
P.O. Box 27, FIN-00014 University of Helsinki
Ph.: +358 919 15 83 32
Fax: +358 919 15 84 63
E-mail: [email protected]

Dr. Lennart Salomonsson
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)
Centre for Sustainable Agriculture
P.O. Box 7047, SE-750 07 Uppsala
Ph.: +46-18 671441
Fax: + 46-18 673571
E-mail: [email protected]

Associate Professor Nadarajah Sriskandarajah
Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University (KVL)
Food and Resource Economics Institute, Unit of Learning
Rolighedsvej 26, DK-1958 Frederiksberg C
Ph.: +45 3528 34 32
Fax: +45 3528 3709
E-mail: [email protected]

Associate Professor Ríkhard Brynjólfsson
The Agricultural College Hvanneyri (LBH)
IS-311 Borgarnes
Ph.: +354 437 00 00
Fax: +354 437 00 48
E-mail: [email protected]

Visiting Professor in Agroecology Charles A. Francis
University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), Department of Agronomy and Horticulture
225 Keim Hall, P.O. Box 830910, USA-Lincoln, NE 68583-0910
Ph.: 402 472 1581
Fax: 402 472 4104
E-mail: [email protected]


Contact information: Associate Professor Geir Lieblein, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB), Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, Agroecology Group, P.O. Box 5003, N-1432 Ås, Phone: +47 64 96 56 44, Fax: +47 64 94 78 02, E-mail: [email protected]