Tips for Finding Easy Scholarships

One thing is for sure, without a college degree, getting a good job is almost impossible. Unfortunately, college education in America is so expensive that only those with financially well-off parents can afford to go to college on their own money. For the majority of the students, the only way to get into a college is through obtaining a scholarship.

Getting a scholarship is not easy. Not only does the student have to have good grades, he or she is also expected to pass tests, write essays and provide a resume that sets them apart from the huge numbers applying for the same scholarship. So is there a way to get easy scholarships? Can students get a scholarship without essays to write? The answer is yes.

The best place to find information on easy scholarship is on the internet. Just type scholarships in the search engine and a large number of programs will get displayed. Each scholarship has its own set of rules and criteria, so peruse these carefully before applying.

The best person who can provide a good guide for easy scholarships is the school counselor. The counselor usually has a list of easy scholarships and scholarships without essays for needy students who cannot afford expensive fees.

Visit a college close by, a college library usually has a compendium of scholarship programs available in the United States. Spend some time reading through.

Go to the local book store and ask for the latest edition of college scholarships. There are many publishers who provide an updated list in the form of an easy-to-refer booklet. A couple of bucks are a worthy investment.

It is also possible that the local community, the local church, or a resident tycoon funds student scholarship. America is renowned all over the world for its philanthropists and one can possibly find a kind soul or organization round the corner.

Never ever fork out money to an online website that promises to give a list of easy scholarship for a price. Most of these are fraudulent companies, run by scam artists out to steal credit card information. It is better to spend some time on the net than get robbed!

As has been stated earlier, the internet is the best place to hunt for easy scholarships that do not require writing essays. Examples of two easy scholarships are covered in the succeeding paragraphs.

The Federal Pell Grant Scholarship is one such scholarship which does not require students writing an essay. The Pell Grant scholarship has been instituted to help low income students and all one has to do is fill up the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online. Depending on the student’s income potential and the parent’s income, size of the family etc, calculations are made to determine whether the student is eligible for scholarship and if eligible, how much scholarship can be given to the student applying for it.

Yet another scholarship without essays is the Horatio Alger Association scholarship. This scholarship does not even require high grades in school, anything above GPA 2.0 will do. The family gross income must be $50,000 or less for applying to this scholarship program. Application is online and some basic forms have to be filled which are self explanatory.

These are some of the tips for obtaining easy scholarships.