Scholarships for College Students with Low GPA

Going to college is something that most teenagers look forward to. But many are discouraged to continue their studies due to financial difficulties and low average. However, there are now scholarships offered for college students with low GPA. These are called easy scholarships. It is called-so because unlike most grants, these are scholarships without essays and it does not demand tons of requirements. While a typical scholarship specifies a high GPA as part of their requirements, as well as numerous essays containing the goals and accomplishments of the applicant, easy scholarships simply focuses on other aspects like the financial stability of the family and the course that the applicant plans to take (if he is still in senior high school). Some even qualifies students for specific characteristics like their race, gender, religion, and residence.

Easy scholarships come in many forms but the point here is that all of these are scholarships without essays. That alone makes a scholarship application very easy! Plus, it accepts students with low GPA, so these grants are definitely worth trying for. One of the easiest way to get a scholarship is by visiting a website of the sponsor wherein the students will just have to fill-out an application form with his/her name, home address, telephone number, and e-mail address.

Scholarship grants ranging from $ 5,000 to $ 10, 000 will be given to several students chosen through drawing, so it is also known as scholarship lotteries. Examples of these are the Wells Fargo Scholarship and Next Step U. These scholarships are often chosen because a lot of students avoid the hard part of writing impressive essays. Another way is by signing up to a type of scholarship program that will fit a person’s unique abilities and characteristics. For instance, the Horatio Alger Scholarship and the Discover Card Scholarship sponsor grants for students who are actively involved in meaningful activities such as sports and leadership trainings.

Other scholarships without essays, like the Pell Grant only require FAFSA and other financial records of the family. Upon approval, the recipients will get financial aid and federal grants too. Some give scholarships for those on specialized fields like Tylenol Scholarships that provides grants for students on health and medical field. David Letterman Scholarships are available for creative students, as well as for those in the field of telecommunications. Some offer Christian Based Scholarships for those who want to study in Christian and Bible Colleges. Amateur but talented artists like photographers and writers have the chance of acquiring scholarships from Janie Moore Green Grant by submitting a portfolio of their work. Another simple way to get easy scholarships is through Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation. It only requires students to take a short online quiz to check whether they are eligible.

In determining the right program to apply for, students need to consider the competition too. They need to choose a scholarship program where they will have an edge – like the use of their talents and skills. If a program has been commonly applied by most students, one will have smaller chances of being accepted. If possible, students must try to apply for scholarships available in their locality for easier access. However, there are also simple and easy scholarships that looks for unique characteristics of students. An example of this is Frederick and Mary Beckley Scholarships. It funds scholarships for left-handed people. There are also grants for unfamiliar ethnicities, tall people, etc. – and all of these bring about low competition. One just has to find sufficient information to apply in programs like these.

The support of different foundations and companies to provide these easy scholarships only show that poverty is not a hindrance to education. Having financial problems is normal but what is important is the determination of a person to pursue and finish his studies. It is time to set aside the notion that scholarships are only for intelligent people. One must make use of his strengths and God-given talents. Do not miss the opportunity to acquire a scholarship now.