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Baseball`s impact on American Culture

The USA is a country with lots of customs and traditions, which are connected with a variety of activities, and sport is an essential part of these traditions. A lot of sports came from ancient times, developed and changed, but still, they are alive and the world got used to them as American ones. Baseball is one of such kinds of sports, it can be regarded as the national symbol of the US. All people who watch American movies or read books can`t but notice Americans` true love and passion for baseball, they support and develop this kind of activity in all possible ways. So, how did baseball become a symbol of the US and how did it influence the country`s culture?

It`s well-known that America is a multinational country. That`s why a lot of local traditions are tightly connected with the customs of other peoples. So, there`s nothing strange that baseball has the features of cricket, rounders and other similar games. Baseball is considered to be born on June 19, 1846. A New York citizen, Alexander Cartwright created the rules with his friends and held the first match. This new game became very popular all over the country, children and adults played it everywhere. Moreover, military people spent their free time playing baseball during the Civil War. Twain described the influence of a baseball in the 19-th century in the following way, “The very symbol, the outward and visible expression of the drive, and push, and rush and struggle of the raging, tearing, booming the nineteenth century!”

Still, we can argue that baseball, with its passion, symbolizes all the Americans. We can define here advantages as well as disadvantages. First of all, any kind of sport is useful for people to keep fit. Almost all the American families have at least one element of baseball: a ball, a bit or a form. And every tenth family has the member who plays baseball or attends the classes. And this is quite a positive thing, as we all know about the weight problems of Americans. Secondly, baseball is developing with the aim of profit. Since the first game was played, there was a professional team created who got money for their game. And this motivated them to practice more and win. Lots of new teams appeared along with a new business.

We cannot estimate the impact of a baseball accurately. This kind of sport is associated with America, as every American respects and protects it. Baseball is 150 years old but it clearly shows all the features of the American nation – strength, the great struggle for victory and confidence. It has both positive and negative influence but it will always remain American national symbol.